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Black Sky
Breann with Inner Illumination Astrology


My name is Breann and I am so happy the universe had brought you here. I will forever be a student of the stars and I am so excited to help others connect with their chart. Astrology is my passion and it has helped me grow so much. Most of my life I couldn't understand why certain areas I struggled with so much. After getting my birth chart it was the most healing experience. I finally got the answers I was searching for. So welcome to inner illumination. If you are here then you are ready to take a deep dive into yourself and begin to accept and integrate all the parts of yourself you hide, ignore, love and don't even know about yet! 

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Black Sky

My Story

The Here and Now

I am from Georgia but currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Being a mom to five incredible kids it  has taught me a thing or two about chaos—after all, you can't have a universe without it. I've spent three wonderful years in a committed relationship, and I can proudly say that love, like the stars, knows no age or boundaries. By day, I run my own cleaning business—tidying up the terrestrial so I can better focus on the celestial. By night, I'm charting the stars, reading birth charts, and guiding souls. My approach to astrology is not just mystical but also practical. Just as I scrub away the grit and grime in homes, I strive to clarify the hazy paths that many of us walk in our lives.


Why Astrology?

I fell in love with astrology during a transformative period in my life of going through a divorce, taking care of ill parents, running a business, figuring out who I was and learning to love and accept myself, despite what I was taught, letting go of shame and guilt and learning how to understand my kids better all of this  Astrology helped me with. It connected so many dots that I had been overlooking and propelled my self growth journey. Astrology helped me become a better person, mom, girlfriend, boss and most of all it helped me recognize the love I wasn't giving myself. It showed me where my struggles were and where I needed to focus and supported me to build a bridge to heal parts of myself so that I could be who I am today. Astrology was a balm to my soul, and I am passionate about sharing that healing wisdom with others.

Let's Chart a Course Together

Whether you're new to astrology or a seasoned star traveler, I invite you to explore this magical realm with me. Reach out for personalized readings, sign up for my newsletter, or simply enjoy the wealth of information and insights I regularly share here.

Thank you for visiting, and may the stars guide you always. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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