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Career Reading 

What is a Career Chart Reading?

In a world where the path to professional success feels like a labyrinth, a career astrology reading can serve as your celestial GPS. Curious about a job change, climbing the corporate ladder, or finding your true calling? Here's what you can expect from a session with me:  


What to Expect?

The Starting Point: Your Natal Chart, The Career Edition

Our journey begins with a look at your natal chart, zeroing in on key planetary placements and houses related to career, such as your 10th House of Profession, and planets like Saturn and Mars. Consider this the foundation of your cosmic career guide.

The Heart of the Matter: Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

We'll explore how your Sun sign describes your core career needs, your Moon sign pinpoints your emotional relationship to work, and your Ascendant offers insights into how you come across in professional settings. Together, these give a 360-view of your work persona.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Planetary Influences

Ever wondered why you ace team projects but struggle with deadlines? Planetary aspects can give clues about your professional strengths and areas for improvement. We’ll look at how you can play to your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

Opportunity Knocks: Transits and Timings

Timing is everything, and astrology can offer a heads-up on favorable periods for career moves. Whether it's a promotion, a job switch, or venturing into entrepreneurship, I'll point out the cosmic windows of opportunity that await you.

Practical Takeaways: Your Cosmic Career Blueprint

This isn't just about cosmic contemplation; it’s about real-world action. You'll leave the reading with practical guidance and action steps tailored to your unique astrological profile.

So, are you ready to align your career path with the stars? Book a career astrology reading and let’s make your professional dreams a cosmic reality. 


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