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Solar Return Reading 

What is a Solar Return Reading 

Every birthday, you’re gifted not just with cake and candles, but with a new solar return chart—a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment the Sun returns to its natal position.  Your solar return chart serves as the celestial script for your upcoming year. We'll dissect its elements, from planetary placements to significant aspects, giving you a robust understanding of the themes and patterns to anticipate. Here’s what a solar return reading with me has in store for you.


What to Expect?

Birthday Themes: Sun and Ascendant

Where the Sun is positioned in your solar return chart highlights the core focus for the coming year, while the Ascendant sets the tone for how you'll approach life’s challenges and opportunities.


The Year's Landscape: Houses and Planets

The houses in your solar return chart function like different arenas of life—career, relationships, health, and more. We'll look at where the planetary action is concentrated to identify your main areas of focus for the year.


Cosmic Weather Report: Transits and Aspects

Just like you check the weather before a big trip, it's wise to understand the celestial climate. We’ll discuss key transits and aspects affecting your solar return chart to help you navigate challenges and harness opportunities.

Love, Money, and Wellness: Venus, Jupiter, and Mars

Whether it’s the prospect of romance, a financial windfall, or hitting your fitness goals, these planets have something to say. We’ll explore how Venus, Jupiter, and Mars are set to influence your personal and emotional well-being over the next 12 months.


Special Highlights: Unique Features

Every solar return chart has its quirks—perhaps a Grand Trine or a T-Square that suggests a particular focal point for the year. We'll unpack these unique features for a more nuanced understanding.


The Takeaway: Your Astrological Yearbook

The reading culminates in actionable insights—a game plan, if you will—for optimizing the year ahead. From love to career to personal growth, you'll leave with a clearer sense of direction and purpose.

So, ready to unwrap your celestial birthday present? Book a solar return reading and let's explore your personal New Year in cosmic style! 



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