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Black Sky

Transit Reading 

What is a Transit Reading 

Ever felt like life was serving you a curveball and you had no clue how to hit it out of the park? A transit reading with me offers a detailed analysis of planetary movements and how they'll affect your life. Here's what you can expect. 


 What to Expect?

The Set-Up: A Fresh Look at Your Birth Chart

A transit reading isn't a standalone feature; it's a sequel to your birth chart, the cosmic storyline of your life. We'll start by revisiting key points in your birth chart as a refresher and set the stage for what's to come.


The Timeline: Your Personal Cosmic Calendar

I'll pinpoint crucial dates and periods that you should be aware of—times when you'll be lucky in love, possibly face challenges at work, or experience transformations. Mark your calendars because these will be dates to remember!


Choices, Choices: Free Will and Cosmic Influence

Let's clear one thing up: transits aren't about predestination. They're more like celestial weather forecasts. I'll give you the astrological lay of the land, but how you navigate it is entirely up to you. Free will, baby—it's still a thing!


The Nitty-Gritty: Planetary Aspects and Transits

We'll delve deep into the aspects and angles between transiting planets and the planets in your natal chart. Worried about that upcoming Mercury retrograde? Or maybe Jupiter is making a favorable aspect and you want to know how to take advantage of it. I'll break it down for you, leaving no celestial stone unturned.


Real Talk: Honest and Actionable Insights

I'll dish out the cosmic tea, both the good and the challenging, with a side of practical advice. Whether you should sign that contract, take that trip, or have that difficult conversation—I'll guide you through it all, based on what the stars are suggesting.


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