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Mercury and Venus now in Cancer

Mercury and Venus are now swimming through the waters of Cancer. Mercury will be in Cancer until July 2nd and Venus will remain in Cancer until July 11th. This shift is like a big cosmic hug, urging us to connect more deeply with our emotions and the people around us. Let’s break down what this means for us!

Mercury in Cancer: Opens space for heartfelt conversations.

When Mercury, the planet that rules communication, dives into Cancer, our words and thoughts get a dose of emotional depth. Cancer is all about home, family, and security, so expect your communication to reflect that.

Here's How....

🩷Conversations become more heartfelt. You’ll find yourself genuinely caring about how others feel and connecting on a deeper level.

What to be aware of:

🧡Your gut feelings will guide you more than logic. Trust those instincts—they’re spot on right now.

🩵Old memories might pop up, making you nostalgic. It’s a great time to reflect on your past and what it’s taught you.

❤️You’ll want to shield your loved ones with your words. Just be careful not to smother them with too much care.

💓Venus in Cancer: Forming deep Emotional bonds.💓

Venus, the love planet, cozying up in Cancer means we crave emotional security in our relationships.

Here’s what you can expect:

🤍 Your approach to love is all about care and tenderness. Creating a cozy, safe space for your loved ones will feel more important than ever.

💜 You’ll find joy in family time and homey activities. Cooking, decorating, or just chilling with family feels extra special now.

🩷 You’ll want emotional depth in your relationships. Surface-level connections won’t cut it; you need to feel truly understood and secure.

💙 You might feel an urge to protect your loved ones fiercely. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it and stifling their independence.

💫Tips to make it through this transit.. Lean into the energy, cry, feel and be authentic. 💫

🩷Be kind and thoughtful in your communication. Listen as much as you talk; empathy is your best tool right now.

🌈Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Being real about your emotions can deepen your connections.

🧡Whether it’s at home or in your heart, focus on making spaces where you and your loved ones feel safe and nurtured.

❤️‍🩹Use this time to deal with past hurts. Understanding and healing your emotional history will help you move forward stronger.

As Mercury and Venus swim through Cancer, embrace the opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Let’s use this time to nurture our relationships and create bonds that truly nourish our souls.

As Always... Take What illuminates.


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