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"Embracing Transformation: Navigating the Final Days of Eclipse Season"

We're in a powerful phase right now, right between eclipses. From the lunar one in Libra on March 25 to the upcoming solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, we've been riding a wave of change and healing. With just 4 days left in this intense eclipse season, it's a crucial time for purposeful reflection and growth. This isn't just any moment; it's a rare chance to dive deep and transform.


With the Sun illuminating our core identity in Aries, we are called to assert our individuality and embrace our pioneering spirit. Yet, Mercury in retrograde tempers this boldness, inviting us to turn inward, to revisit and rethink our paths with a reflective mind. This planetary configuration, coupled with the North Node's journey through Aries and the South Node's passage through Libra, underscores a collective karmic shift—a recalibration of our personal desires against the backdrop of our relationships with others.


Chiron's presence in Aries weaves deeply into this narrative, touching upon our deepest wounds related to identity, belonging, and our very essence. It asks us, "Where does healing begin?" The answer lies in the raw, vulnerable spaces of our souls, in the scars we've borne and the resilience we've mustered.


My own walk through this eclipse season has been one of huge revelation and introspection. Which can be super painful depending on how you are choosing to handle it. I have been taking the time to dive into the 'why's of my emotions, I've unearthed layers of understanding and realizations that will  help me on my journey of authenticity and growth.  

Identifying triggers, I've learned, is not about mapping out obstacles but about recognizing signposts towards deeper healing.


What have I learned?!


✅ I've realized that being clear about what I will and won't accept only serves to solidify the relationships that truly matter. It's about standing up for myself and, in turn, nurturing connections that respect my boundaries.


✅ I've been tough on myself, aiming for standards that, frankly, no one could meet. I'm learning to release that pressure and be kinder to myself when I don't hit those marks. It's a work in progress, but it's freeing.


✅ The painful lesson that not feeling loved by a parent the way I needed doesn't determine my worth or lovability has been deeply ingrained. This eclipse season has helped this understanding settle in more profoundly, reminding me that I am worthy of love, regardless of my past experiences.


✅ My idealistic nature has often set me up for disappointment. Now, I'm working on tempering that idealism with a healthier dose of reality, aiming for balance rather than perfection.

✅ For too long, guilt has been a shadow over my life, a remnant of childhood punishments from my mother who used it as a tactic to punish me. Acknowledging this has allowed me to start letting go of that heavy burden, embracing forgiveness and self-compassion instead.


✅ Perhaps most importantly, I've realized that I've built a life where I can truly be myself, embrace who I am, and step into my own power. It's a realization that's both empowering and humbling.


This period has been a crucible of transformation. Each insight gleaned, each vulnerability embraced, has been a step towards shedding old patterns and embracing new possibilities. It's a journey marked by moments of strength, vulnerability, and, most importantly, healing.


This narrative isn't mine alone. It's a reflection of a universal journey we're all navigating. The feelings of urgency, the quest for balance, and the introspective dives into our psyches are experiences that bind us, offering a tapestry of human experience illuminated by the stars.


As we stand in this threshold space, let's embrace the opportunities it presents:


- To reflect on our journeys, acknowledging the distance traveled and the paths yet to explore.


- To heal, recognizing that our wounds are not just sources of pain but wellsprings of strength and empathy.


- To transform, understanding that the person we were yesterday doesn't confine who we can become tomorrow.


- To balance our individual needs with the harmonious interplay of our relationships, finding peace in the equilibrium.


This eclipse season reminds us of the cyclical nature of life—the endless dance of endings and beginnings. It's a call to move forward with courage, clarity, and a heart open to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. As we navigate this transformative period, let's remember that healing is not linear but a spiral journey of returning to ourselves, each time more whole, more aware, and more attuned to the universe's rhythms.


Sharing this journey, with its ups and downs, its insights and transformations, is a way to connect, to offer solace, and to remind each other that, though our paths may diverge, we are all under the same sky, guided by the same stars. Let this eclipse season be a beacon of hope and renewal, inspiring each of us to heal, to grow, and to step into the next chapter of our lives with a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment.

As always.......take what illuminates and leave the rest 💫

With love and gratitude,


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