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Full Moon in Leo

Happy Full Moon in Leo!

Are you feeling the intensity boiling under your skin? That's the Sun conjunct Pluto in Aquarius working its deep, transformative magic. This isn't just a shift; it's a radical upheaval. Aquarius, the visionary, is pushing us to question everything – our role in society, our future, our very identity. Pluto, isn't just nudging; it's forcefully awakening the parts of us we've kept hidden. It's demanding we confront our deepest fears and embrace our most authentic selves.

But the universe throws a curveball – the Full Moon in fiery Leo, opposing this powerful Aquarian energy. Leo, the embodiment of the self, the ego, our inner child's raw desires, is in full emotional display, demanding attention and recognition. This opposition creates an inner conflict of epic proportions. It's the battle between our need for individuality and our place in the collective.

Leo and Aquarius, polar opposites, represent the eternal struggle between the self and the group. Leo's passionate heart cries for personal expression and acknowledgment, while Aquarius' cerebral vision seeks innovative change for all. This might leave you feeling torn, restless, even rebellious. It's a call to balance – to find a way to shine your unique light while contributing to the greater good.

When the energy is like this, it's easy to feel alone, but you aren't! It's vital to remember that! You're NOT alone! It’s about finding that sweet spot between deep thinking and being part of the bigger picture. Stay hydrated, it’s simple but works wonders, and take a moment to just breathe. Let your inner Leo shine with some 'me-time' – whether that’s getting artsy or just chilling in your own space. Don't forget to step out into the world too, maybe by helping out in your community. This is real life stuff – growing personally while being part of something bigger. Be gentle with yourself, we’re all riding this wave of change together.

As always... Take what illuminates and leave the rest!


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