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Improve your communication during this Mercury Rx in Aries!

So lets talk about the Mercury Rx in Aries.


Currently we have 14 days until Mercury stations direct and then we have a post shadow until May 13th. So buckle that seat belt because we will be here for some time.


This swift, forward-moving energy can feel stifled, leading to frustration and impatience. The shadow side here emerges as a tendency towards impulsivity in speech or action without considering the repercussions.


It’s a time when words can come out more like fiery darts than thoughtful statements, and when our "act first, think later" tendencies can get us into hot water.

This period can also amplify Aries’ less favorable traits, such as selfishness, rashness, and conflict. The shadow manifests in our struggle to maintain harmony in relationships, with an increased likelihood of misunderstandings and disputes. We might find ourselves more inclined to interrupt, argue, or push our agenda without giving others room to speak their minds.


However, every coin has two sides, this period also offers a powerful opportunity for introspection and recalibration of our thought processes and communication styles. It encourages us to reconsider how we assert ourselves and to refine our approach to leadership and initiative-taking.


This is a great time for constructive self-reflection. It's an invitation to question:


How can we channel our passion and drive in a way that considers the collective good?


How can we assert our ideas and desires without steamrolling others?


This is a time to practice active listening, to slow down our mental and verbal pace, and to engage in mindful communication.


It’s about learning to pause before we react or respond, allowing us to act from a place of informed intention rather than impulsive emotion.


By exploring both the shadow and enlightened sides of Mercury retrograde in Aries, we can navigate this period with wisdom and grace, emerging more aligned with our true paths and how we wish to communicate our place within them.

 As Always…..take what illuminates and leave the rest💫



Ps: Journal Prompts below


Journal Prompts

  • Think of a recent situation where you acted impulsively. What triggered your action? Reflecting on it now, how might you approach a similar situation differently?

  • Identify something you’re passionate about but have been rushing. How can you apply patience to this area of your life for better outcomes?

  • When was the last time you felt truly heard? Reflect on that experience. Conversely, think about a time you could have listened better. What will you do differently next time?

  •  Mercury retrograde in Aries can stir fears about speaking our truth. What fears come up for you around self-expression? How can you address these fears while honoring your authentic voice?

  • Chiron's influence during this period can bring up old wounds for healing. Reflect on any unresolved issues that may be resurfacing. How can you approach these with courage and compassion for yourself?

  • Consider a decision you're currently pondering. List the pros and cons, but also reflect on how this decision aligns with your deeper values and long-term vision. How does slowing down and considering all angles influence your decision-making process?

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