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Pausing during Mercury Rx

Have you ever felt like the universe is pressing the pause button on your life? That's often the vibe during Mercury Retrograde. Mercury goes rx three to four times a year, and it's more than just an astrological buzzword – it's an invitation for introspection and growth.

Picture Mercury, the swift planet of communication and intellect, appearing to spin backward in the sky. This is an illusion, a dance of orbits between Earth and Mercury, but its impact is deeply felt. During these phases, we often hear about the potential for miscommunications, technology glitches, and travel mishaps. But let's dive deeper.

Mercury Retrograde urges us to slow down and listen more attentively to our inner voice. It's a period that challenges us to revisit past conversations, to untangle misunderstandings, and to rethink our plans with a fresh perspective. It's not just about the challenges; it's about the opportunities hidden within them.

This is a time when the universe nudges us to resolve lingering issues, and to review our life's path. It's an invitation to refine our intentions, to speak from the heart, and to align our actions with our deepest truths.

As always... Take what illuminates and leave the rest 💫


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