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Black Sky

Releasing Control, Embracing Trust

Hello! Reflecting back, the last update I shared was over month ago, during that time  there's been a whirlwind of change, both significant and subtle in my life. Lots of healing and realizations about where I am at and the steps I need to take in order to embrace universal flow more freely. Pisces season was both an ass kicker and particularly transformative, exerting its influence primarily through my 12th house. It’s a reminder that when it's time for deep healing, evasion isn't an option. Through this past month I have learned that I have a gift, a gift for reading the stars. Despite, my Chiron in Gemini that occasionally seeds doubt, challenging my belief in myself and my abilities. However, I've realized that dismissing this gift is essentially a disservice to myself. My astrological insights aren’t something I can control like I am used to they are to be shared when guided by the spirit, in its own timing. So I go mute, I can't speak on what's happening all I can do is dive into the knowledge that I am being requested to learn and just apply it to myself and my own life.


Control has always been my sanctuary. From a young age, I was thrusted into a role reversal with my mother, expected to be more of a caregiver than a child. This early brush with having to be in charge, something I picked up way too young, ended up sticking with me, sneaking into every nook and cranny of my grown-up life. It's like I was trained early on to grab the reins, and I've been doing it ever since, whether I wanted to or not.  What I have been working to learn and spirit is teaching me through my very own gift of astrology is that control is an illusion. It's not about micromanaging every outcome or detail of my existence. The essence lies in allowing life to flow, trusting in the process, and embracing faith over fear.  For too long, I clung to a misguided notion of control as a means of security. But the lesson here is clear: it’s a false premise. So, trying to apply that same control to my astrology gift just didn’t add up. I caught myself setting these sky-high expectations, pushing to be in constant flow, when really, the universe was nudging me to just hit pause. So I have been listening, and staying quiet when nudged to and I will speak when spirit has a message for me to share. Thanks to all you who continue to support me, and this page. I appreciate the trust you give me!


This whole trip has been about me learning to let go and trust—trust in something bigger than me, trust in the universe’s plan.


As always…..take what illuminates and leave the rest!💫




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